Does Beliefs Liberate?

Belief is the belief that one is a creator. Believing that nothing is a coincidence. Beliefs is a person’s heartfelt connection. He thinks there is a reason he was born. Most people of faith do so not because of their own knowledge or research, but because of their family and environment.

Some people think that religion liberates people. Everyone may think that religion enslaves us because of the prohibitions, but we are liberated thanks to those prohibitions. If you can’t break those bans, other people can’t either, so no one can restrict each other’s freedom and they can live freely. If someone did something to limit your freedom, would it make any sense for you to be completely free? It wouldn’t be, because you can’t be free without feeling comfortable. Generally, things that are forbidden are things that are harmful to you, or things that should not be done, such as stealing, etc.

Some people think that religion enslaves. They think that the bans placed on people restrict them. These restrictions also prevent them from doing what they want to do. For example, it is forbidden to eat pork in the religion of Islam, but there are comments that it tastes very good, and some Muslims want to taste pork, but cannot look at it because it is prohibited.

I think religion liberates. Because most of the things that religion prohibits are harmful to people. There are things that are harmful to people and very enjoyable, but sometimes it is better to compromise on such things. After all, if these rules won’t make you more free, they won’t restrict people’s freedom, but they won’t restrict your freedom.

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