Does discipline bring freedom?

Discipline is freedom because both of them related to each other in many ways. If I start with what is discipline, I would say that doing something according to schedule. But when I was a child, I was not thinking like what I am thinking right now. Discipline was coming to my ear like getting punished or doing something because of the pressure. But I am not thinking in the same way right now. And if we come freedom, it is one of the important values in our life. Freedom is the ability to do what we want Freedom was not a major value in past centuries. Some people are a slave to others ones, even though they had discipline. But I guess these days, it had changed.

Discipline is freedom because everyone experienced some things in their life. For example, when we were kids, our parents were saying ‘’You can do this only if you do this’’.We all heard these kinds of things in our childhoods. Some of us can be hearing them still. If we do something that affects us or our environment positively we can do another thing for ourselves. We can be free about it. But there is a conditional as we know.

Discipline is freedom because as we know people can be what they want in the future according to their school or job life. Being what I want or doing what I want is freedom. And as we see successful people, they had hard times, they might become from the poverty, but they got what they want after that. Because they worked hard, they were ambitious and they had discipline.

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