Does Every Philosopher Tell the Truth?

Confucius once defined the three great danger as “Smart people are emotionless, emotional people are not effective and effective people are not smart.” Even before I knew this thought of his, I developed quite similar thoughts in my mind but with small differences.

Intelligence, nowadays, is explained by IQ (intelligence quotient)  and EQ (emotional quotient) combined in literature. However, in society and in history, it is generally only considered as IQ or simply how fast and accurate you can solve a math problem that seems hard to the eye. This situation, while making some people feel really confident and smart, makes people feel less intelligent in various occasions.

Smart people seem emotionless in general which actually is a general sign of low EQ.  I believe the quite opposite of this very thought because I do believe that smart people are aware of what emotions are and figuratively prefers to use their brain instead of their heart. I also happened to believe using emotions is a less effective way of communication considering how much misunderstandings it causes. Showing your emotions in every possible scenario is actually making them this effect less.

           Emotional people are generally not as much effective as others because they use their emotions as a guide to them. Emotions are there because we are born with them. However, this does not necessarily mean they are the way of ruling.

    Lastly, effective people are in fact smart but their scale is other less smart people. Effective people are incapable of having an influence on this kind of people. Smart people would not be easily influenced by others since they have the ability to reconsider everything before actually accepting them.  


     As a conclusion, I believe his saying is partially true for me. Furthermore, it needs to be improved since it lacks at some points such as all smart people are not emotionless and they start to rely more and more on emotions.

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