Does Life Just Mean Academic Success ?

When we ask parents around the world, I’m sure we’ll hear most of the parents say they want their children to be the best in their class and even school .But is it always good to be the best ?

 Studying hard in the lessons and being better than everyone else will provide a good high school, a good university, a good business life, in short, a good academic future .But does life just mean academic success ?It may sound normal to you if I say this as a freshman year student in high school but these are the facts in life .

What I’m trying to say is not that we should drop our class and spend all our time doing things we love ourselves .But it’s also an important fact that we need to create some time to do the things we love .This has been confirmed by many researchers .Actually studies say that students/people who devote enough time to their hobbies are better at what they do than others .

 The hobbies we’re talking about can be anything .This hobby can be sports like playing basketball, swimming, running, playing tennis, playing golf as many people choose .Or if you are interested in art, there may be hobbies such as painting canvas, drawing pictures, sculpting .On the other hand, you can be interested in music like many people; you can play the violin, play the guitar, play the piano or take singing lessons .In addition to these, you can have a lot of hobbies in many fields such as coding, theater, designing .

 If you are doing any of the hobbies that I mentioned or other hobbies, I am sure you will understand what I mean .Because as you do the things you love, your motivation and life energy will increase and you will do the thing you suppose to do more relevant.

Actually, to put it briefly, studying and taking care of hobbies are two completely related things .You can’t be truly happy when you work hard and don’t take time for yourself because you won’t be doing anything to make yourself happy .But when you do everything on time ,take time for yourself and study enough, everything will be better .

So you don’t have to be top of the class. It’s fine to have average grades as long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only then can he have enough free time to learn other skills .The last thing I want to say to you is please give yourself as much value as you give to the lessons.

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