Does Religion Free People or Enslave Them?

Many people believe in a religion around the globe, but the question is If the religion frees the person or enslaves them. Many prophets were enslaved by their social norms. They were mostly from the lower class. Again, the people who prophets freed were from the lower class and prophets broke the chains which enslaved them. Islam’s prophet freed up many slaves which would be forced to kill themselves, work until the sunset. Jesus freed people from their illnesses and cured the blind. Jesus sought to free those who were oppressed. While this is true, many religions created social structures which enslaved many people such as the caste system which is backed by the popular religion of Hinduism. If we take a closer look the social structures were made up just to serve stabillity and prosperity, which would again affect the masses. The entire religion concept is about to free the people. Prophets free’d up many slaves which would actually cease the question. However, in a modern perspective the opposite seems to be true.

Religions are seen as something that makes the person backwards minded, which is incorrect in my opinion but It’s a widespread thought. Religious extremism and religions are something different as irrevelant people can manipulate the meaning thats meant to be given to the believer and use it for their own interests. This is why religion frees the person, because in its roots it meant to free the masses. Also, a religion can limit others belief so It might be limiting as well. I still don’t think religion is something which enslaves the person but there are some limits that religions can enforce. Islam allows other religions to do their praying but Catholic church banned many Muslims from believing their god, even expelled them from the lands. This made enslavements easier as well as many escaping muslims were sold into slavery. But the issue is related with the governments, not the religion itself as Bible never mentioned to deport other people from their lands or seize their property. The religions frees the person.

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