Does Your Life Depend on Where You Were Born?

Imagine that you are a baby and  a chance was given to you for being able to choose between two countrie -one  country which has good education opportunities, which can offer you a wealthy and healthy life and the other which is still has not developed and struggling with illiteracy and  other bad stuff. Where would you rather to be born?

Although technology is so advanced and some developed countries are  boasting about their development status, for some countries it is true but overall it is not as bright as it is believed to be. We all know that African countries are still suffering from severe diseases, lack of qualified education and more. On the other hand, we have European countries. It is known that they have good life conditions which brings educated  and healthy people with itself.

Authorities are totally aware of the fact that countries like Africa needs to be educated and education brings better life conditionals as well as money. Money is the key of the world that we live in. So for them to improve they need nothing but money. For money they have to be educated and  civilization will come naturally. They say that they are raising and sending funds there. But it is controversial  for developed countries whether they really want to help or not. It is much easier to rule ignorant people, isn’t  it?

Life conditions and education level can be different  even in the same country. Let’s take Turkey as an example. We all know that in small places like villages, children cannot get enough education and their life standarts are usually not good enough to afford even the basic school supplies. So this situation decreases  their success and desire to study As a result of this, they drop out from school and they start working for gaining money.

Last but not least, some organizations like TEV in our country, EEF in global are running campaignes and they try to create awareness and raise funds for education. With these funds they provide school supplies to impoverished areas. We need that kind of NGO’s untill we make sure that everyone can easily reach education. no matter how hard we try, there will always be differences which affects life conditionals and success level in education.

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