Domestic Waste

One of the biggest problems in our world recently is environmental pollution. This problem harms not only humans but also many living creatures. Today, with the development of technology, solutions to environmental pollution are produced. One of them is that the government imposes limits on household waste. If the government puts a limit on this, it will reduce environmental pollution and make people more conscious.

The government’s limitation of household waste means that it follows them from another direction. It’s tracking also ensures the recycling of household waste we mentioned. To give an example, it can be the collection and recycling of kitchen waste, plastic waste, and paper waste from our house. In addition, in such cases, the government puts different recycling bins for each item in the environment so that people can go and throw it in that bin. Of course, this is not just something that is under the control of the state, when we see these recycling bins, we should make use of them and not throw a different item in a recycling bin made for another item. When we apply these, we can see that environmental pollution is greatly reduced.

Another benefit of the state setting limits on household waste is that it is an application that will raise awareness in society. Awareness in this society can gradually spread and eventually, everyone in our country can become conscious. People who were aware of this situation before or now, that is, conscious people can contribute to the work of the state by preparing some activities. very important. The government should also do its best.


In short, I think that this limitation imposed by the state on domestic waste will positively affect society and the environment. Of course, besides this, it is our duty as humans to protect the environment. In other words, we should participate in every activity and activity to protect the environment, and by doing this, we fulfil our responsibility. Please take this into account and channel this mindful behaviour in a way that is beneficial to the environment.

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