Human being can be counted as the most significant factor for our lives. We are alive for a purpose and in spite of the presence of fails and wins, we keep pushing forward for ourselves. Meanwhile, there are also others present and some of them are in really need of a helping hand. Maybe just that “simple” helping hand will provide them the cure of their illness, a pair of socks that will protect them from cold, or just a hot soup to feel alright.

Those tasks may seem “unnecessary” for some people around our society. However, it is not that complicated to feel alright by giving only a single metal circle which is also known as coin. At the same time, unfortunately someone else’s find shopping for irrelevant items much more suitable while they can afford to make a living for themselves easily and hesitate to help others.

Thankfully, there are some official charities that are aiming to help people who are really in need of. Sort of, victims of war; people who are trying to cope with cancer, children that have no families etc. However, we are facing with another issue here. In our world, there are some sort of scammers found. Those scammers are establishing sites that seem as a charity site. Alas, those scammers are earning these donations and directly forwarding it to their pockets. Moreover, it is not only caused by websites, but also from some of the stands or people that you see on the street.

That’s why people find themselves in some kind of a dilemma. Because of these demons, even if someone is eager to donate for the victims; they suddenly hesitate to donate. That is not because of their personality,but because that donaters naturally consider if their money will fall into bad hands. Nobody can blame them. Moreover, even though some people seem as poor on the street; they are not as poor as they seem. Inversely, some of them are richer then donaters! What a dilemma.

However, I find that; donating money or necessities to charities which are officially known a charities would be the safest way to do that. Or, in spite of its risk; we can also donate to beggars. Yet, this way is obviously much more risky to donate as I just mentioned.  Unfortunately, our century includes this kind of problems that make people to fall into the dilemma. However, people are supposed to care for others as well.

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