Don’t Be Only Tree in a Garden

Loneliness is a garden with an only tree. The sentence means in whole world we feel like we are only humans. The common definitions describe loneliness as a being alone. But loneliness is a state of mind. The people who are lonely may feel themselves alone and empty. Lonely people often want to be more social, but their state of mind makes it more difficult. People can be alone and not feel lonely or they can have contact with people and still feel lonely. Loneliness is a mindset we need to change it to a state of mind which we desire human contact, otherwise we will feel alone even if our surroundings are full of people.

If we don‘t expand our circle, we will be the only tree in the garden. If we have more friends, we will seed more trees. To water our garden, we must protect our friendships. As our friendships grow stronger, the trees in our garden grow. Also, as we share our joys and sorrows, our tree begins to bear fruit. If our relationships don’t go well, our garden starts to dry up. You can do many things to not be the only tree in the garden. Firstly, you can join in a club. For example, you can join in an art class. Secondly, you can adopt a pet. This is one of the ways that preventing loneliness. Thirdly, you can talk to strangers. When you see your neighbors outside, you can offer them a coffee. In addition, you can strengthen your existing relationships. For instance, you can go out with your friends more often and you can know your family better as well. Those suggestions may be helpful to you.

In brief, it is in our hands to color and grow our garden. If you choose solitude as a lifestyle, you will be the only tree in the garden. But if you be the only tree in the garden, it is not a garden anymore. It will be just a tree. So, we should make friends at every stage of our life.

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