Don’t Blame Yourself

One day, I had a fight with my daughter in the morning and my daughter came out of the house in anger. I could see him walking quickly away from the house through the window. I didn’t mind much as I thought the two would walk around, get angry and come back home.

   It was already evening, but my daughter still had not come. I sat in front of the window for a while and waited. I was starting to get very worried when I saw my daughter coming from the opposite side and I was relieved. Just as I said I was relieved, I saw the scared expression on his face and his tearful eyes. I waited impatiently for it to arrive.

   The doorbell finally rang. I quickly opened the door and he walked in. Just as she was about to enter her room, “Are you okay, girl?” I said. He said, “I’m fine, I’m okay mom.” she said and entered her room. I knew something was up and he was lying, but I thought I’d go ahead and ask later. So I went to the kitchen and did some errands.

   “pattt!” came the sound of a glass falling. I immediately went to my daughter’s room and opened the door at once. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. My daughter was lying on the floor with her arms cut off. I immediately called the ambulance and my wife. “Why did you do this to yourself, girl?” I said while crying. He said, “They raped me, mom, I couldn’t live with this pain.” she said, and her eyes slowly closed.

   We came to the hospital and they had already taken my daughter into surgery. My wife came too and we were both crying. I told everything to my wife and the same to the police. Now we had no choice but to wait.

   My daughter had just come out of surgery and was awake. The cops took his statement and tried to draw the face my daughter was talking about. Yes, we were angry with our daughter, but we were with her. Because if they raped her, she she she is not unclean, whoever did it to my daughter is unclean. The point that we were angry about was that he did not defend his rights and saw himself as dirty and tried to commit suicide.

   It’s been a long time since the incident and now our daughter is fine. We also found the people who did this to him and they are in jail now.

   In fact, no woman gets dirty by being raped. If you are proud of this situation, do not consider yourself unclean. The really dirty ones are the people who do it. Do not hesitate to seek your rights. And also, let’s not look at our raped women as dirty and always be their supporters. This applies not only to women but also to men, please remember.

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