Don’t Escape

Most of the basic sources we have on the Earth are decreasing day by day. These sources, such as clean water, fresh air, are the basic needs for people to be able to survive. However, these sources will no longer be able to meet  the needs of people, because of the over-usage and the pollution, caused by people. Humanity needs a way for these problems to be solved. Is the best choice for that to identify new residential areas in different galaxies, on different planets, or to focus on recent problems? 

As the technology is developing more and more each day, the research and observations have become more comprehensive and, at the same time, more detailed. As a result of these developments, discovering new planets and finding new features of the planets that have been already discovered are some of the most important consequences. All this research is usually done to choose a planet where humanity can live on in the future. But, isn’t it easier if we keep our focus on recent problems of Earth which have many harmful effects? For incidence, any type of pollution or the carbon footprints of each individual is increasing as the population and  unconsciousness increase. But if we take action to prevent these effects, which can lead to undesirable consequences, the Earth will be a more healthy place than other planets, because Earth is where we can supply all of our needs as human beings. Furthermore, there will be no need for establishing another planet if we keep the balance. 

A new planet is for the future of humanity, yes. However, if we do not save our today, how will we be able to save and reach our future? For this reason, it would be pointless to try to save the world hundreds and thousands of years later from now, instead of  focusing on today’s problems. Global warming, pollution, overpopulation, generating unsustainable waste, deforestation, climate change, ozone layer depletion, overhunting and etc. are the most known and noticable effects of human activity on the environment. Recycling, not wasting, preventing overhunting and deforestation, reducing the carbon dioxide emission and saving in the use of resources such as electricity and water are some of the examples of the preventions for securing our world for tragic endings starting from today. 

 In this situation, the real solution is the one that all the people trying to save our planet, not the one that the people escaping. Before worrying about the distant future of the planet, we should focus on whether we can still live a healthy life on Earth for the next hundred years. Searching another planet to live on is just an escape, not a way of a proper solution.


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