Don’t Let Your DNA Bring You Down

Our DNA differenciates us from the others. But is it the main thing that shapes us or the place we live in and our relationships affects us so much that DNA might mean nothing but a series of codes which helps us to survive?

DNA consist of 4 chemical bases which are Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Guanine (G) and Cytosine (C). These chemical bases form sequences which determines the information for maintaining and forming of a cell. Nearly every cell in a person’s body contains same DNA. Your DNA also determines both your physical features and your personality traits. Although it determines  your main characteristics, it doesn’t mean that you cannot change yourself.

A person’s mind and thinking way starts shaping from a very young age and despite the DNA, a child is mostly affected by the people around him or her. People learn things like culture, values and also feelings  from the people around them. These human-made feelings or values are not coded in DNA which means it cannot be affected by DNA. If our personal attributes and personality were only be affected by DNA, we would have had only a small difference  from chimps as both of our DNAs are 98% similar.

There are many examples of twins who has separated at birth and have met after many years. These twins are a very good example for showing how can environment affect people. Depending on the type of twins which is either monozygotic or dizygotic. Twins which are monozygotic have a DNA with 99% similarity and twins which are dizygotic have about 50 to 75 percent similarity in terms of DNA. The experiment done on seperated twins at birth showed that they are totally different from each other in terms of personal likings and intelligence. There were also some difference in their appearance because of the difference lifestyle they had since childhood.

To summarise it, I think that genes and DNA is not something which can be changed  -at least for now- and you do not have the chance to design your DNA. Even though DNA is unchangeable, you can always improve yourself. The thing is that DNA shouldn’t be the reason which is holding you back.  

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