Don’t Pick Up That Phone

One day I came back from school and I was sick, really sick… like every day. I went to my room. There was a note on my bed. I took it. I knew I was home alone. I opened it and it said, “Dear Kim, I’m very busy, sorry. By the way, if you get hungry, there is soup, eat it with bread, OK? And I took your notebook that has dog pictrues everywhere. OK, bye! 😙”

I was shocked. I was so madi so I went to call her. The doorbell rang and I ran to check. There was nobody, so I ran to basement and went to the tools box, I opened it and took a hammer. I was so scared. I went and opened the door. I was shaking, my eyes were closed. So I opened them. You are going to think I am joking when I say that on the floor there was a note. It said “don’t pick up the phone!”

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