Don’t you dare touch it!

It was Monday evening. I was in the mall hangin’ out with my friends, and my mom called, “You have to come back home! Right now!”. I was worried. I got back home after hanging out in the mall, with a stressing pressure on me. So, I came back home, I saw my mom washing my clean clothes. Something was wrong. My mom would never wash anything, even if I beg her. What could’ve happened? I was confused. I asked my mom, “what’s going on? Why are you…washing my clothes? She didn’t give an answer, and she immediately sent me to the basement. There was a stinky-wierd-animal lying on the floor. I ran upstairs, “ What’s that thing on the floor at the basement?”. She replied, “Do not ever touch it. That animal has a worth of a million dollars. The whole America is searching for it.”.

I responded, “What’s the reason you’re washing my unworn clothes then?”. And she replied, “That animal has stunk your whole closet. Don’t get near it, if you don’t want to smell bad for a couple of months. You don’t want to smell like it, do you?”.

After that I asked her why she had it. She said it was because she was going to sell it for a million! That was crazy!

But on the other hand, there were many questions in my head like, why would people buy this thing? Isn’t it weird? I mean, I think it’s the only species left on the whole planet? Nope. But that could be in 2030…

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