One day, I was reading a book named “Bookmania”. It was about somewhere it has everything as a book.  Then I think of a doormania. In my mind, it was a place where everything is a door. Then I looked at my main door. It was old and dirty. Because of that I went to Ghost Door Shop. But I couldn`t see any doors. Then I saw a door. It was so good. Its cost wasn`t so much. I bought it. Then I put it in its place. I opened the door to enter to my home. When I opened the door, I couldn`t believe my eyes. I was at a Door World. This is somewhere you can take a door-travel in time. Every door goes to sometime else. Then I saw a door blue and white. I entered that world. But a mammoth killed me! But I didn`t die. Then I learned why I didn`t die. Because in time you go back when you die and don`t die. Every time I died. Then I saw my door, I entered and I spawned to Think World. You can do everything you want. I think the door was new because that world is so good. Then I saw someone buy a door. I ran to take the Think World door. I bought it and I had a good life.

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