Double Standards

As I grew aware of my personal tendencies the one’s around me got the more intriguing. My peers are very fond of visual entertainment and so am I. TV shows, movies and non-stop streaming comsumes us constantly. Nowadays though we hear the most from the elder generation of how corrupted we are and yet our upbringing was merely a small mishap out of many of our’s. We grew tired of all the books and sold our souls to Satan for the devil’s toy that is technology. Hilarious how triggered the old can get considering all their rheumatism that is. Nevertheless I couldn’t agree more. We do associate a lot with fictional character but with the wrong kind. The difference is the imagination and how involved it is. 

books ile ilgili görsel sonucuWith no visual to aid you in your reading journey you are left with the character and the story is told BY the protagonist so you adapt the only way you know and project your feelings, insecurities and features to them and interpret the story that much different than others. On the other hand when you have no place to insert your ego into someone else you are stuck comparing and eventually idolising that person who portays your favorite charachter in that one movie you saw. The actors are not that of fiction. They have a personality of their own one just cant go ahead and inject their expectation to them then get disappoined when they don’t meet the bar you put too high above of your own reach. Maybe it is time that you put the ladder down and actually minding yourself and yourself only in any story your heart desires.

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