Down A Rabbit Hole

Little boy smiled at his father. Even though they had been working really hard all day long to cut and pack the woods to earn a living, the boy was quite happy to be with his father. That was one of the countless reasons why the little one was lumberjack’s everything, especially after the devastatingly heartbreaking loss of his wife.

Children were playing and shouting at each other in the woods, when their gentle and caring teacher decided to sit and read his book under a willow tree. He grabbed his book, ‘’Alice In Wonderland’’  and told his students not to leave the camping area. He thought: ‘’Well, I don’t want any dirt on my chlotes but I will relax and enjoy the mother nature for a moment.’’ and sat down under the tree in the middle of the area, so that he could see the children having fun.

While kids were skipping rope on the ground covered with stepped grass, one of the girls ran directly to the teacher. She was burst into tears and continously spilling out incomprehensible sentences. The teacher barely caught the words ‘’hole, kid, fell down’’. His face was as white as lime as he stood up and started to run in the direction pointed by the girl.

Trees and plants were covering all over the place, hence finding the hole was not easy. This was an explanation why kids can fall down easily as well. It took fifteen minutes to find the hole. It was large enough for a child to fit smoothly and quite deep. Teacher called 911, however since they were in the woods, it could be too late, considering they have already wasted fifteen minutes. Teacher decided to go down, even if this meant risking himself. And he jumped down.

The hole was connected to some kind of an underground cave, which was nearly as big as a room, but nobody was there. The teacher looked at every corner of the cave for two hours. The rescue team was on the way.

After pulling the teacher out, they counted the students, none of them was absent. ‘’I don’t understand, my students saw a child falling. But I am relieved that everyone is safe.’’ One from the rescue team said: ‘’Don’t worry, we’ll be scanning the area, and thank you for your heroic actions.’’

The  lumberjack was becoming more nervous as the time passed when his doorbell rang, he ran towards to door to greet his son but instead he found five  adults wearing bright yellow uniforms, ‘’ I have something to tell you sir, are you ready to hear?’’ they accoompanied him to a chair inside the shack, ‘’We found a child’s body in a hole. Do you know anything about a child living around?’’



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