Dream Or Real?

Arda was very bored. He had done everything he could do at home, and he couldn’t think of what else he could do. He went to the mirror in the bathroom and looked at it for a long time and asked himself, “Who are you?” Suddenly, his reflection in the mirror answered; “I am you”. Arda could not believe it. He thought it was something like some kind of a dream or hallucination. He decided to speak to the mirror. “Is this a dream?” he asked, and the reflection’s answer was “No”. “Are you sure? It is impossible to happen in real life as I know it…” Arda said. “You are not dreaming right now, and if I am talking here and seeing you, admit that things like this can happen in real life,” the reflection said. Arda was extremely surprised, as much as he was not surprised in his life. He immediately called his mother. He told his mother what had happened, but his mother did not believe it. Arda insisted too much, and finally her mother went to look in the mirror, but when she looked in the mirror, his reflection was not there. Her mother thought that Arda was either kidding with her or it was some kind of light game and went back to her job. Arda turned to the mirror and asked, “Why didn’t you show up?” “You are surprised, but you are talking to me and you are not doing any other bad thing, but if your mother had seen me, then everyone would have known for your father, and your father for your aunt, and I do not want that.” Arda understood him and took that mirror and hid it somewhere in the attic. It was such a secret place that no one could find it except Arda. Arda spoke with him secretly from time to time and made sure that no one else saw him.

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