İnsan Doğası Gereği Kötü müdür?


I started the day with coffee, my mouth is dry, my mind is open. Everything is going well, but what is that! The news I watched on TV was unbelievable! What I heard in the news was exactly as follows: “Everyone is kindly requested to leave the city within 12 hours. We will not be responsible for those staying in the city. ”I almost fainted!

I didn’t understand how all this happened so suddenly. On the one hand, I was wondering if the news on TV was real, on the other hand, I was thinking about what to do. As I looked at other news on TV, my thoughts turned into a nightmare. My only hope was that a trick my mind was playing on me would show up. I immediately ran to my room, while the time was getting less and less, I was still confused about what to do and where to go because I was living alone at home, my parents were living in other cities. I had 9 hours left and it was time to leave the house. Taxis were not working, I had to leave the city by bus. While trying to catch the bus stop, I saw the last bus leaving the city. My time was running out with each passing second and I was in a confused state of what to do. The bus wasn’t far away, and I saw a bike ahead, so I ran quickly, got on the bike, and followed the bus. I got to the bus just before the bus left the city, I asked the driver to stop and got on the bus. But when the bus got off at the stop, I realized that I had passed out. I had an accident while speeding the bike. Just as the bus was about to flee, a man came to me and helped me. The man who helped me was truly a hero! He was a hero who saved my life. While leaving the city and heading towards another city, I asked why the man took me in his car on the way. He said he would explain the reason for this when we get out of this harmful zone. When we came to eat for a break after a long journey, we saw that all the waiters in the restaurant we entered were sick. While I was trying to understand these events, my eyes suddenly opened and I realized that my alarm had gone off.


I was thinking about how I got under the influence of this dream. When I went to the bathroom to wash my face, I heard a noise from the TV. “We came for war, all we ask is that you spare us your life or we will take it by force! ”

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