When we were kids…

Remember when we used to put our arms in your shirt pretending we had no arms and told everyone? We would sleep with all our stuffed animals so none of them felt offended. We had that one pen with 6 colors and we would try to push all of the buttons at once? We would pour the soda into a glass as if we were drinking and taking shots? And we would watch the raindrops on our parents cars windows? We would pretend we were racing with another cars, and trying to count the cars in the road? Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up? Do you remember..?

Every kid has the right to dream and have fun right? Every kid has the right to dream, live, play, eat like normal people do right? But why does people sell their children for money or hurt them just because some financial problems? Kids are also the next parents, our next generation. Well, if you influence them and treat badly, they will also grow up to be a bad person, would you like that? Hurting people by hitting them can heal, but some people just don’t heal mentally and you can’t change that, can you?

I’m pretty sure you know the Ukraine Russia war. First of all the reason for this nonsensical war is just because Russia thought since Ukraine is smaller and Russia is more powerful, they tried to take over its lands which caused a lot of people and children to die. 28 children dead, 840 injured since Russia declared war, says Ukraine.

To be honest, there shouldn’t be countries that wage war on other countries to make peace. First of all, you can’t make peace if you’re causing a war! So, okay, talk to them and tell them why you want that land, but if you can’t agree, you have no right to kill the citizens in there. It’s like walking into someone’s house and killing the person that owns the house just to have the house. Like you have no right to do that you also have no right to kill children but also people. Everyone has the right to live a life as a child!


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