It was a dreamland, a dreamland where everything was possible. There was no loneliness, no anxiety or any other bad feeling that Lily was very used to from her daily life. With just a clap she could bring every thought into reality. So I’m sure it would be very surprising to say that all she ever did was talk with her friend James. He was created with a clap, of course. But that didn’t bother Lily. At all.


She would wake up feeling like she could conquer the world. James, who was actually nothing more than her imagination, always knew how to cheer her up. It was a shame that she could only talk to him in her dreams. However, knowing that James was waiting for her made Lily motivated. Every day was just a game before James was next to her, playing games while listening to her problems. Lily was making every day count just to make him happy. After learning this the hard way, James didn’t talk to her for a whole week because she wasted her days waiting to see him, Lily never even thought of doing the same thing ever again.


She wasn’t sure how this all started. Maybe it was because of the bullying that she had to face at school or since her parents were always busy with fighting each other she just needed someone to talk to. She knew that the situation wasn’t ideal. But it was what she had. Also it worked really well. For approximately 3 months she was the best student in class. Her mother stopped screaming at her because she wasn’t capable of doing anything. Even the bullying at school wasn’t bothering her anymore. It was all Lily could ask for, really. Unfortunately, this was only the silence before the storm.


After another very productive day Lily couldn’t contain her excitement to tell James all the details. So she went to bed earlier than normal. For her disappointment, she wasn’t able to sleep. With every passing hour she could feel the anxiety that was surrounding her. But everything was okay. She had to sleep someday.  As a matter of fact, she did sleep. But James was nowhere to be found. Nor was the dreamland. Saying that Lily was not happy would have been an understatement. What she did after was a result of insomnia and a very bad family life.


When she finally saw James again it was because of some sleeping pills she found in her house. She wasn’t aware of how many pills she took, James was. Hence he was crying.

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