Dreams To Believe

It was on a snowy Saturday that we saw each other. Unaware of what’s going to happen in 2 years’ time. With no doubt, we were walking towards each other. Believe it or not, you automatically have a connection with someone if you are both feeling lonely and in need of attention. Obviously, we had our own problems if we were going out in that cold weather. ‘Girl problems?’ she asked. ‘Boy problems?’ he replied. That’s when they knew they were made for each other. They were waiting for the right time to meet after they both got hurt. Something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become imminent and possible. It was the start of a beginning.

Without talking to each other they sang and danced all night until they weren’t able to feel their legs anymore. The girl started walking in the other direction while the boy watched her go. Even though they didn’t know anything about each other. There was one thing they were %100 sure about and that was that they were going to meet again. Because they believed in fate and this was it.

They both went home and lay down smiling and thinking about what just happened. It was unbelievable as if they were in a movie but they weren’t. Just to be sure the girl pinched herself. Her feelings were as deep as the ocean. Finding something reciprocal like this was never something she expected. No one loved. She was on her own for her whole life. Her family didn’t believe in her and made her feel like she was not enough. Still, that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. She became the doctor she always wanted to be as long as she remembers.

He was a boy that grew up in a wealthy family with lots of relatives and plants looking out for him without a doubt. He was never alone. However there were so many expectations from him, he was feeling so much pressure his whole life. His parents were supportive but it wasn’t for him. It was for their own reputation. He was just like an object they were using so he always felt unloved because of this.

In conclusion, no matter where you live or how you live it is worth the wait. Something good will happen you in the end. The only thing to do is to not stop believing.

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