Dried-up Piece of Wood

A wide, dark, empty environment. No sign of life whatsoever. Someone comes and drops seeds, waters me, cares for me, I emerge out of nothingness. Now there is life here, my flower friends, my squirrel resident, the beloved bees who colour this forest with their magic. I love living here with all of its calmness, beautiness.

I give everyone life, I have the formula of oxygen. But I would be nothing without my parents, crystal clean water, and the sparkling, enchanting sun, and my caring friends. Without them, I would be nothing but a dried-up piece of wood. They care for me and I care for others. I help others so much that, sometimes I forget my own needs. Am I here because they need me to live? Why am I not here to be myself…

I feel non-worthy. They break me, carve me, kill and burn me so that they feel warm. Does anybody care if I’m the one who is cold? I stand here naked in the freezing cold rain, howling wind, loud storm. Why doesn’t anybody ask my feelings about being used? In the end, I’m both the warrior and weak.

I won’t be weak anymore. I’m tired of being used and helping everyone, but myself. From now on, I will care about me, myself, and I. Will be cruel and selfish. I was put up on enough. Is this what power feels like? Everyone needs me…I pretend that I don’t need them. They beg me for love and care, when I give it to them they feel special. Why weren’t I like this at the start? I made a fool out of myself all these years.

Wait, why is everyone leaving me? Are they abandoning me now that they don’t have power over me? They must be feeling what I have felt my whole life. However, they left me as fast as a waterfall falling.

It’s quiet, am I the only one here? Where is the sun that summoned me with its blinding, soft light? Even my caregiver abandoned me…What have I done? All I did was step up. Was I too selfish, self-centered? The taste of power changed me, I don’t know who I am anymore.

Days, weeks, months, years have passed. I’m the only tree, person, life here. There isn’t even a small ant walking, a bird building its home over me. I feel dry, hollow, don’t have any emotions left, only the memories I miss. I lost myself…everyone. As lonely, miserable as I’ve ever been.

Loneliness, it eats you alive, sucks up all of your happy emotions. I’m starting to lose hope, every day in this empty forest is the same. Look what I’ve become…a dried-up piece of wood.

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