Two months ago, I went to Dubai for 4 days during the semester break with my family. Since there is no direct flight from Ankara, we took a connecting flight from Istanbul. The flight time took about 4 hours and we reached Dubai at 6 am. The tour took us to one of Dubai’s old built places to have breakfast first. After breakfast, we went to the hotel and rested until the evening. At 7 pm we went to the Global Villiage, which is a little far from Dubai. Global villiage is a place where the cultures of 90 countries in the world are introduced. There are shows, entertainment and shopping inside. In each country’s own section, special and cultural things belonging to that country are sold. If you want, you can taste the food of that country in the restaurants inside. Since it is a very large place, it takes about 4 hours to visit each country. After the Global villiage, we went back to our hotel and the next day we went to Dubai mall, known as the world’s largest mall after breakfast at the hotel. Normally, the tour would give all of us 3 hours to visit this mall, but we went earlier to spend more time. This mall was really big and it was very difficult to visit every part of it in 1 day. You have to walk a lot and it gets very crowded at certain hours. After 6 pm, water shows are held in the large ornamental pool outside the shopping mall. After we watched this show, we went on a boat tour together. The boat takes you around the skyscrapers of Dubai for 2-3 hours and you have your dinner in the meantime. After the boat tour, we returned to the hotel and rested. On the 3rd day, we went to the palm islands of Dubai and then to the desert for safari. For safari, you get on 8-person jeeps. Before we started the safari, we rode ATVs in the desert. After the ATVs, you take a break before starting the safari and lower the air of the wheels of the jeep to be able to go more solidly on the sands. You go fast on the sand dunes on safari. That’s why you have to wear your seat belt. because there is a possibility of the jeep overturning. After going like this for a while, we stopped for 15 minutes to take a photo somewhere and then continued again. The sands were much softer and brighter than those on the beach. We went to a place where entertainments were held in the desert for dinner towards the sunset. We saw camels there and took pictures. We returned to our hotel around 12 am. The tour dropped us back to the airport as we had a flight the next day. It was one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to and I really enjoyed it. Everything I saw was beautiful. Especially the skyscrapers were incredible. It would be better to go in January or February, as the air temperature there in summer is 60 degrees on average. I hope I have a chance to go again in the future.




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