Earth Suffocating In Greenhouse Gases

Since the industrial revolution, we have met most of our energy needs with fossil fuels. One of the reasons we used it so often was that they were abundant in nature. Unfortunately, our overuse has resulted in the emission of large amounts of greenhouse gases to nature and brought up a topic we are not so unfamiliar with… Global warming. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) with greenhouse gases were released into the atmosphere and the gases began to thin the ozone layer. Global warming, which has started to show its effects gradually, has made scientists nervous. Scientists say that minimizing the effects of global warming requires reducing the amount of greenhouse gas, such as CO2, that we emit into the atmosphere.

As the fossil fuels we have been using for decades are continuing to pollute the air, unseen abnormal temperatures and extreme weather events around the world have caused severe damage to coastal cities, leaving heavy balance sheets with them. We want to prevent these negativities from happening, and many countries now want to meet their energy needs with renewable energy instead of fossil fuel. Can the problems caused by global warming be solved with green energy? This is controversial.

Although renewable energy sources do not get a big share in meeting our energy needs, they are completely nature-friendly compared to fossil fuels. Some of the renewable energy resources used around the world are solar energy, wave energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy. These energy sources are obtained from nature, and their continuity can be provided.

Could it be possible for us to eliminate the negative effects of global warming? “Let’s assume that all costs are covered. In this way, we have easily increased the share of use of all renewable energy sources, so we emit fewer greenhouse gases to nature. It actually makes sense. Maybe if we switch to green energy only, global warming might stop.” Let’s not get into a thought like this because this is not just a job that will happen with the changes we make in our energy resources. Yes, we may have reduced the greenhouse gases we emit to nature; but still, factories in large industrial sites will continue to operate. In addition, deodorants, perfumes, our private cars, buses, and many more vehicles will continue to be used every day.

As a result, it is not possible to stop negative global warming effects by only changing our energy resources. But slowing down global warming is in our hands. Everything is possible with the right precautions!

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