Earth’s Fate

Nowadays Earth is experiencing it’s most difficult time,glaciers are melting,greenhouse gases are accumulating in the atmosphere,the temperature of the earth is rising,climate change happens.Nature can’t stand  to human activities,humans build factories,break the ozone layer with gases from their cars,waste water and natural resources.Someone said ‘We are at war with nature,If we win,we will lose’ and that question come out our mind ‘who will win this war?’.

Nature is our main source,we build our cities with the metals coming from nature, we can do our basic needs because of natural resources, we can even produce energy using water.We need nature,but we are keep hurting nature if we not stop earth is no place to live,we are harming our world,the only place we can live…

I feel bad about it,the only planet we have will gone because of our thoughtlessness.If we win this war,we will lose our nature and our world.This is not great,if we keep continue to hurt nature new generations can’t see how beautiful earth was,it will be sad for all of us.

We have to find solutions for help our Earth, we can change factories for renewable energy, we can take public transportation to avoid throwing too much gas, we can plant more seeds.We have to protect our world.


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