Easy To Fit In Dress

Time is moving forward, so do we. Our people’s needs are becoming more complicated because of the era that we are living. Consumers want to buy things that can come handy to them or things that can satisfy them or maybe their needs. Our era is in need of a revolutionary move thus producers are competing against each other to find the most necessary invention or system to satisfy our consumers.

If you are already keeping up with the news, recently a renowned textile company made a system called “Smart Tag”. They take pride in the smart system which shows the customers how they would look like in the piece of cloth they are willing to buy without even trying them on actually! That is honestly a smart idea, as a textile company we have been in a competition to find the most useful system, regarding to this situation, my company has a new and smart idea.

I am going to tell you about the, “Fit Right In The Dress” project that we have been working on. Think about

some situations, like the birthdays or the occasions that you have to buy gift for your loved ones or friends but you are not sure about their size. That is kind of an complicated and apprehensive situation, isn’t it? To prevent those kind of moments, we have been producing some pieces that fit on you no matter how much weight you gained or lost, this system can save your life about thinking and being anxious about the choice that you made to buy foryour loved ones. From now on nobody is going to have to think about “What a lovely dress! But what if I gain weight and cannot fit in it in a few years? It will be such a waste…”. This is a closing of an era!

How does it work? Well, in order to take your body sizes you have to wear it. You can leave the rest of it to the particles, they are going to take your body proportions and you can make arrangements to the tightness of the dress. To give an example; some people love it when their clothes are tight. They prefer mostly tight jeans and tight shirts that show your body curves and details in a nice and aesthetic way. But some of the people like it when their clothes are more baggy. They tend to buy baggy jeans and bigger sizes. Whatever your preferences are, now you have the 


right to arrange it if you liked a piece of cloth!

Why this project should be preferred? Unlike the other revolutionaries, we are not making these projects to gain money for us. Rather than that, we would like to make our customers happy because of this aimour clothes will not cost you an arm and a leg.


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