Eating habits exposing you

You can be a slow chewer or you can  finish your meal before anyone starts.According to a recent study, your eating habits can giveaway more about you more than you think.

In this investigation called “You Are HOW You Eat ” ,researchers examined all kinds of eaters and found some personality trades that are common about people with similar eating habits and Juliet A. Boghossian , the behavioral food analyst expert , founder of food-ology and the person behind this research said food related habits can reveal a person’s personality and behavioral tendencies.Here are majority  of those habits:

Slow eaters

If you know someone who finishes their meal later than everyone , they like being in control and know how to appreciate life.They also tend to be confident and even keeled.

Fast eaters

These people tend to be ambitious, goal oriented and open to new experiences. Unfortunetly sometimes they can be a bit impatient .

The adventurers

Like the name suggests ,adventurous eaters try new things in life outside of their comfort zones.

The picky eaters

Picky eaters are those who are likely to add or remove some ingredients out of the meal when they go out and unlike what others believe most of the time they are not difficult to please.They just prefer staying in their comfort zones and avoid foods they associate unpleasant memories. 

The isolationists

These people approach their plates methodically eating one food item in its entirety before moving to the next.This habit shows that the person is task oriented rather than multitasking, is disciplined and have a tendency to be detail oriented.

The mixers

People tend to take bite out of everything at a time are outgoing, friendly and able to take multiple responsibilities .

The oversharers

When there is a loud chewer in the table know that these people are straight forward , open and don’t let others opinions get in their way.

The organizers

People don’t want any food to touch each other are  neat and tidy in every aspect in their lives.

The preparers

The preparers are the ones cutting the food into bite sizes before eating and this shows that they are forward thinkers and  dreamers.

The adaptable eater

If you feel like you can adapt in order to match the pace of your companions , this shows you are a people’s person and friendly.

After reading this you might feel like you fall under couple of these criteria and that is totally normal.Another thing to consider is that even our mood is known to affect our eating rate, so to think about long term habits are more accurate.

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