Edison or Tesla

Edison is the inventor of technologies that we use today and do not think much about, such as the phonograph, light bulb, cement making technology, camera, direct current electric motor, electrical power generation systems, and batteries. Tesla, on the other hand, is a genius who invented the radio, fluorescent light, alternating current motor, as well as various electrical power generation systems. Both these two great people lived long lives more than a hundred years ago.The reason for their apparent opposition is that one uses alternating current and the other direct current as electrical power. Tesla’s passion for alternating current began in 1876 when he was studying physics, mathematics and mechanics at the Austrian Polytechnic School. Tesla started his studies when a professor at his school introduced him to a machine that produces direct current. He started to think of ways to run the machine with alternating current instead of direct current. After years of work, he developed the alternating current induction motor in 1882.

At the same time, Edison is working on the light bulb.The light bulb works on the principle that direct current sent to a wire heats that wire until it glows, but the bulb’s problem at that time was that the thin wires could not withstand the heat for a very long time. Edison tried to solve this problem since 1878, on the one hand he got a patent for his invention, and soon after, he founded the company called ‘Edison Electric Light’. After making the light bulb usable, the inventor, who established the ‘Edison Illuminating Company’ to provide power to its customers, had electricity generation stations built in cities, starting with New York City.

However, at the same time that these occurred, arc lamps operating with alternating current were also on the rise.These alternating current systems had the ability to carry electricity over longer distances with thinner wires. However, for a reason we do not know today, Edison was against the use of alternating current and did not shift his business to this technology. Tesla started working in Edison’s company in 1882.Tesla started working at the ‘Continental Edison Company’, Edison’s company serving in Paris, and worked as a troubleshooter for Edison’s power plants in France and Germany. He established solid connections here, was sent to America in 1885 and continued his studies to solve the problems in Edison’s system and to find solutions that would reduce the cost of the system.

While all of Edison’s 1,093 patents during his lifetime were commercially successful, Tesla’s success fell to 20%, especially after he started working alone. Considering that Tesla worked for Edison for a short time and did not receive a very high salary, the possibility that Edison stole his ideas from Tesla, as many people claim, weakens.On the other hand, the fact that Edison realized her inventions with her employees and established close relations with the leading names of the time such as Henry Ford can be seen as a plus or a minus against Tesla, who mostly worked alone.The fact that Edison is looks better for me but it will be change for sure people to people.

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