In most of the public schools, the education isn’t enough and the kids do not learn arts or do any kind of sports that they need to complete themselves as individuals. This situation should be reported to the ministries and necessary actions should be taken. Otherwise, we should build a building or institution that encompasses these activities. All of the students would like to be treated nicely so that they can learn well. The teachers should encourage them to love what they do with dedication and patience. It is also important to make kids get this art they are doing as a hobby. Kids shouldn’t be forced to do that activity. If the kid doesn’t get forced to do the activity but still doesn’t like it, try making the child find new hobbies. Like playing an instrument or drawing pictures. There should be more than one art branch in school so that students can see other talents they have. If a school doesn’t have more than one art branch, students can’t discover their talents and they can’t live the fullest life that they deserve just because they aren’t aware of themselves. Their lives become meaningless and they can’t teach other people about their own experiences on arts and sports when they get older. Art is also important for the students’ mental health. It makes them happy or feel more emotional than the people who aren’t interested in any fields of art. These people are usually unhealthy and mostly introverted. If you want to live a healthy life happily and consciously, try to be more active and find your interest. I hope you have a chance to get well-educated and discover the greatest power in you. Believe me, life would be awesome if you can!

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