Education of 21st Century

Nowadays, universities and high schools accept students according to who they are. For the admission, grades are as important as personality of prospective students.Moreover, students are interviewed by school counselor to ensure that this school is suitable for the student.In my opinion, this is an amazing way to accept students.This process helps schools to learn about whether this student can contribute to school.

All around the world, students are chosen according to what they have done for themselves and for the community.The activities which are called extracurricular activities play a huge role for the admission.Most of the high schools want to get to know students before accepting them.Grades also have a significance.From my point of view, the development of the world depends on creativity.This is why the society needs people who are willing to design, create and produce.Robots have already done calculations.The world needs people who can contribute to improvement. Furthermore, high grades and extracurricular activities bring scholarships from all around the world.Most significantly, they help students to determine what type of person they want to become.For instance, Phillips Exeter Academy is a high school in New Hampshire,USA which cares about the personality of the student as well as the grade of student.For the universities, Harvard University has an interview process for the admission which is as significant as grade of the student.Being an all-rounder is one of the factors that affects the admission process.Students should be interviewed before going to school to ensure that the student is able to keep up with the school.Students should have more than high grades.Creativity and critical thinking will be more valuable than the numbers. Schools and universities want know how students might fit into the culture, a face-to-face interview gives admissions the best insight into student as a person:Why you want to attend the school, what you want to do while you are there and how student ranks it on her or his school list.Interviews are a way of schools to gauge your interest as a student.

To sum up, these factors are really valuable for schools and universities to accept and get to know students.They will show whether school and student can fit into each other very well.


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