Are you the only child in your family?

It is said that the number of siblings affects person’s academic success in a positive and a negative way. So let’s start to investigate it.

Now I would like to start with the negative aspect of having siblings. Elder child is unluckier than the  second child  because elder child has a disavdvantage of being the first.  The first child learns everything  with trial and error method. This growing situation may not be like this. If the first child has a good role model and if  he/she is healthy in each conditions this person can be the most successful  person especially in family companies. But the determining factor of these are mothers and fathers. Therefore we can not make a generalization. There is a one more thing which affects a person’s academic success. That is, financial opportunities take up space in academic life. So if there is a person who prepares for an exam, can not be able to take private lessons he/she might not be successfull  due to the other siblings. Having more than one child may cause this.  I mean family income plays big role in these income ile ilgili görsel sonucufamily income ile ilgili görsel sonucu

According to a research  made in the UK, a successful sister or brother are said to raise the rate of success of other children.The reason of this is other children’s  request of passing the first child. They start to compete each other.

First child’s success puts a standard about achievement.So the others feel unsuccessful if  they get less than that average.But  he/she can accomplish it even more than the first child’s. This system of thinking changes the possibility to role model. I mean this may result in the first child’s being role model.

sibling envious ile ilgili görsel sonucu Normally rear wheels follow front wheels.But five fingers in the hand are not the same.Or the first child’s failure  may cause other siblings to be unsuccessfull .And if the first child is arrogant or if  the first child  put him/her self  into the center of the others lives  then he/she may oppress other siblings. But sometimes other siblings( 2nd , 3nd ….)charactheristic features  do not show no one’s success. Therefore they might not like the first child’s achievement. And they become envious. 

In this case each family members (like mother or father) should be have fairly to the  children. And they ought to avoid from comparison between children. When they have purpose to encourge them it may cause unexpected results. So everything depends on parents.


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