Distance education should be continued. Not always, but it should. Because it has lots of advantages on education and students.

In the future, if there is anything that will cause schools to close, students will not have much difficulty since they are already used to distance education. It will also be useful for students to spend their day at home, even though they study. And it would be better for them to rest at home between classes.

But on the other hand, students might not take it serious and have bad grades studying from home. They may not be able to socialize with other people in their age, or make any new friends. It might also be hard to follow their students’ attendances to classes for teachers, which can cause them to work harder while students are studying at their homes.

As a conclusion, distance education has lots of effective disadvantages and advantages. But I think it should continue, just not all the time. Because being educated from distance is good, but it shouldn’t last forever.

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