Education’s Importance in Family

Each new generation is the future of a nation. Every child is the beating heart of a motherland. Shouldn’t children take necessary discipline, if they are so important for their motherland?

Humans, animals, every living creature open their eyes with some inherent features. However, these features can help them for only basic needs. After a time their requirements increase so that they try to catch several new skills from their surroundings. At that point, the ones who are near them become role models.

Since human beings are leading the world, this situation is more essential for them. In order to be a shipshaped human being, people need to develop themselves as good communicators, self-directors, self-regulators… On the path of learning these characteristics, people’s mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, even relatives like uncles, aunts… have effective duties. The more educated and talented they are, the more shipshaped human beings children become.Learning about the various characteristics of children and having information about their periods of development is important for understanding them, for communicating with them better and for dealing with difficulties. The love of the mother, father or caregiver is as crucial as nutrients necessary for the feeding of the child. Also the result of a study shows that the children who establish a secure relationship with their fathers and mothers are more socially and academically successful and self-confident children.  

Besides parents’ love and care, their education is vital too. Instructing begins with guiding the child, then continues with education. Consciously some experiments carried out to educate the children. But most of the experiments fail and parents don’t realize that. On the other hand parents should consider the abilites of children and balance them with their expectations. If they can’t balance it; for example, if their expectation is more than children’s ability, children may have some problems developing personality.

Parents don’t plan to embarrass or annoy their child. On the contrary, they want to start every day by loving them. However, despite all the good intentions, unwanted situations may erupt sometimes. Most parents think they’re doing something good for their child. But they’re not aware that child may be negatively affected. This condition can be seen by time and it can be too late to correct it. For this reason families need to be educated as parents and need to be open to self-improvement.

For children, it is important to have a family that supports them throughout their life. Therefore, families should be open to lifelong learning. In order to achieve this, various institutions and organizations should organize some programs. We must remember that educated family means; educated, happy and successful youth and this means more advanced level of Welfare Society.


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