Effect of Music on Human Life

Music has always been an important part of human history. People who couldn’t express their feelings or their thoughts expressed themselves through songs, and the ones that listened to those songs tried to find a part of themselves in those songs. But does music affect people positively or negatively?

“I think music in itself is healing,” American musician Billy Joel once said. It is proven that listening to music does, in fact, affect our health. It can reduce anxiety, pain, and blood pressure when needed, just like Bob Marley once sang, “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” Music can also improve your sleep quality and memory too. If you listen to music while sleeping, it will slow down your heartbeat and lower your blood pressure, which will cause a better sleep quality. In addition, music helps the recovery of brain injuries, helps you to get in a good mood, and listening to music before an operation improve post-surgery outcomes.

On the other hand, some other researches show that music can cause depression and some more negative impacts on our body. It is even thought that music increases aggressive thoughts and encourages crime. However, these thoughts can not be proved since there can be a lot of reasons for the rise in crime.

In conclusion, music has proven to have lots of positive impacts on our lives. Although it also has some negative ones, I believe that music, in general, affects human life positively.

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