Effect Of Objects In Emotional Health

Small changes or small things makes our lives better or at least more tolerable. During our best and sometimes worst moments, what we rely on mostly is our best kept possesions or our best friends. Living in a community, people around us can affect our mood which is why you can finish a day crying despite starting off the day with a big smile on your face. Talking about feelings, do you think that objects can also affect your feelings?

In my opinion, objects are often more trustworthy than most of our friends or relatives. Human can change. Even the people you trust the most can change in the blink of an eye. Starting a relationship is like investing  in an unstable business. You invest large amounts of money and you dedicate most of your time to that business despite knowing the fact that it can all suddenly crumble down into pieces. It’s also same in the relationships. You open up to a person you trust the most without thinking about the fact that he/ she can tell your secrets to everyone when you cut off your relationship. Now think about an object- let’s say a big teddy bear. It doesn’t have a mouth, it always listens and sometimes it can even provide you a shoulder to cry on. Which one would you choose?

A certain object can remind you of someone or a past event which might affect your daily life. Sometimes some objects affect people’s life so much that their lives build up around that certain object and sometimes not being able to let go of the objects, people’s houses become a dump where a normal human cannot live in. These situations are really dangerous possesions which can lead to a person’s death and these situations show that objects affect a person’s emotional health as much as people around him/ her.

To summarise it, a person’s mood can both be affected by people around them, environment which he/she lives in and some certain objects which is really valuable for the person.

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