Effects Of Overpopulation

Nowadays governments deals with a lot of situations and one of them is overpopulation. Overpopulation increase because of enriching healthcare and technology. Overpopulation is a huge reason for delayed development because of increasing consumption and making it harder to find jobs.

If our resource consumption continues like this, it will end in about 2050. Even now some countries or even some continents (like Africa) are having trouble finding sources like water. İn world water consumption per person is around 800m³ but only 2.3 billion people can reach the healthy water and 20% of the world (like 1.4 billion people) can not reach the water. This happens for many reasons but the main reason is overpopulation. Especially in poor countries, the population is higher than normal. Like in China, 7% of the population suffers from poverty. This percentage might sound low but when we calculate it, nearly 99 billion people suffer from poverty in China.

Secondly, there is a big issue like unemployment because of overpopulation. When a country has a higher population, that country might deal with unemployment issues. For example, with the Coronavirus China’s unemployment increased to 70 billion people. Maybe these numbers do not affect major countries like China but when minor countries have overpopulation like Turkey they might have big problems about unemployment. Countries like Turkey are developing countries and when they have an overpopulation their development could be damaged. Think like you have a lot of workers to work but you do not have the budget to receive their work. When things like this happen countries do not work their all workers but when they do that they can not develop.

İn conclusion, when a country has an overpopulation (especially in minor countries) it is a big problem for that country and for the whole world. Because of limited sources of the world and having so many unemployment rates affects that countries development speed.


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