Siblings are sitting back-to-back on the lawn in the park and reading books. Sunny summer day. Concept of children's interest in reading and education.

Effects of siblings

By the improve of the education and medicine population around the world start to increase. This event caused the improvement of education. Nowadays lots of students start to work to have better living conditions. Students have the requirements to have a high academic level and good social abilities for entering high-level universities. Especially academic success is the most important property for being a good student. To have a high academic success there are many factors affecting it such as family, life conditions, country opportunities, etc.

In developing or poor countries, students need to be more successful than the developed countries therefore it increases the responsibility of the students, usually parents affecting badly to students’ mental life. They want success which is normal but they are mostly comparing their child to another child(mostly siblings) which can cause that might surface is that there might be a clash between the individualities of the two and their own unique identities might suffer. This has the potential to lead to sibling rivalry. However, having siblings have advantages too. There is research about the effects of the siblings which shows that having one sibling is decreasing the academic point which is measured by GPA but having 2 or more siblings are decreasing the GPA Research shows that the most important factor is parents’ attitude.

Siblings have lots of advantages for academic success for example: Can lead younger siblings to get better grades, get help with classwork, and have a role model to look up to. Most parents find it favorable to have their kids in the same school as this means that their children will be together in each other’s company and provide support, emotional or any other, to either one. They also keep a watch on the other thus making sure that the other one does not go astray or lose focus from studies or get into bad habits. Parents have a big role in the academic success of their children because stress and fear can cause fail on their lessons, therefore, parents need to motivate them and they shouldn’t compare them. I think that parents need to get an education about how to manage their children’s education. Every student have a different individual level that they need to support their children anyway.

As a conclusion, if parents get good decisions, having siblings don’t have any problem with the academic success of the children’s

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