Effects of the Overpopulations

                Overpopulation is generally big problem for the countries but there some exceptions so let’s look at.

               I think overpopulation is big problem for poor countries because if the population is increase the GDP per capita will be decrease than amount of poor and hunger people will increase. But in Developed countries increasing population, the people will make a contribution for the country. For example 1960’s in Germany; after World War 2 Germany had a broken economy because of that Germany start to get some refugees than they developed their economy. Some countries are still getting refugees like Finland, Canada and Sweden.  Because the countries that I said, they have not enough source of manpower. So they declare some circular and say “I need people to work.” They need people to work because if a country wants to improve their economy they need manpower to produce something.

               But there’s some countries, that don’t need manpower or workers, those countries are need some intelligent people for example doctors, engineers etc. those countries are have people that didn’t get education. In those countries increasing of population is damages to countries economy and decrease quality of life. If the amount of people increase in the family parents are need to work more harder because they need to look more children in family. So that if a country has enough population or worker they the overpopulation will damage to the country. If we need to talk about overpopulations effects to the world it effects negative because world has enough people and if overpopulation is continue in world there is nothing left to live in world everywhere become people.

               As a result Overpopulation generally damages to the countries and world so we need to do something to stop overpopulation if we not do something humanity will be in trouble.


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