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Effects of Population

What are the factors that affect the happiness of the people of a country? Undoubtedly, the population of the country is one of the most important factors.

I think the population of a country affects the whole life of a person. Everything is connected to each other. For example, the number of cars passing in front of his/her house. Indirectly the noise, how stressful the person’s life and finally how happy is that person.

Think about economic side of population. More people means more taxes, more production and more usage of government’s resources. So high population means more income for government. But also more people causes more salary, making more public places and needing more public transportation. Accordingly, high population causes more income and in the other hand more expense.

Or happiness? Everyone can find the list about the happiest countries in the world. In top three, there are Finland, Denmark and Switzerland. When we look at the populations of this countries, it is average six and half million people. When we look at the list of countries with the largest population; we can see China, India and Nigeria in top five. China ranks 82nd, India ranks 136th and Nigeria ranks 114th in the happiest countries list.

So, we can understand that the countries with largest population rank low. Then, what about the less populated countries? As an example, Botswana. The population of Botswana is around two million people, and it is less than Finland or Denmark. So that means people of Botswana are happier than people of Finland? No. In this point, it does not work like that. Botswana ranks 143rd in happiest countries list among 146 countries.

Okay then, is there any exception? Of course, like every generalization. For example, United States of America. USA ranks 19th in happiest countries list and ranks 3rd in most populated countries.

As a result, more population or less population is also bad for human happiness.



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