Is population effect our life? Exactly. The population is affected by the economic situation of the country. If country is rich, per capita in come is high. Countrys welfare level effects positively. But if country is poor, per capita is low. Countrys welfare level effects negatively. Therefore, the population is the most important determinant of the welfare level of a society.



If the country is over population people can reach difficult and slowly to health, eduction, justice, security services. If a country poor and over population it caues jobless, food poverty, air pollution, water pollution, crime etc. For example Burundi. There are so many negative effects.



Does it has a positive effect? Of course yes. If country is rich, over population effects country positively. The level of education becomes high. Its industry develops. For example United States of America. If you look at America they control all the world. They have a  technology. If America can’t manage populataion they wouldn’t be where they are today.


What kind of world should it be? Population growth should be planned according to the economic situation of the countries. Education, health and security services should be easily accessible. All people in society should live on an equal footing. Per capita in come is need to be high. If we live in a country like this, population is over or under no one is affected . Welfare level becomes high. What do you think?



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