There a lot of people who need help. Anyone can help themselves or apply to a charity. Do you think it is better to help himself, or is it better to a charity and have them help ? I will talk about it today.

Help himself is better. Because the other person is happy. He also understands that we are helpful people. But we should not help beggars. For example, we can help people collecting garbage on the street. The person we help may steal or try to harm us. Things like this can happen we help ourselves. This is the most dangerous negative aspect of it. Charities are also sometimes not able to help properly. For example, they may not be able to give enough food. But well-off charities can always help poor people.

It also an example of good behavior to buy a meal and give money to someone living on the street. If we are not well off, we should not help. Because our situation will only get worse. We turn to charity instead. For example, their beds may be dirty, their rooms may be neglected, their food may be tasteless without salt, and their sinks may smell disgusting or the people there are not doing their job properly and are behaving badly. That’s why we need to apply to clean and well-maintained charity. Some people make fun of people living on the street. For example, they give fifty cents to make fun of. Usually rich people give more money to poor people. In addition, when they buy a product in the markets, they give a lot of money and leave the change. This one of the most beloved features of the rich. Others pay very little. Because their condition is bad. People who need help can improve their own situation. They can find a job. For example, they can be cleaner, a mechanic, a firefighter, a nurse or a security guard.

In conclusion, we should be careful. We need to help everyone in need. We should not even make fun of anyone. We should treat everyone well.

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