Eighth Color of the Rainbow

Hi Honey,

It is me, your mother. Right now we are at the same age. It sounds crazy to me right now. But do not worry. This letter is not for us to cry so I will try not to write sad sentences. I do not even know where are you living right now or am I still living at that time. But right now I will not think them and I also wanted you to think nothing while reading this letter. Maybe you are in an exam week, or you had a bad day but please while you are reading just relax and focus on my sentences because I have some important things to say.

First of all, I want to talk about my daily life and the situations around me. Right now I am a high school student as I wish you to be. Last week was our holiday week and the week before that was our exam week. That is why I am interrogating my life these days but it is okay because I am working for my future self. And this is your first lesson. Think yourself and do the things for yourself. Of course, I am not saying you should be selfish, do not be selfish. What I am trying to say is do the things for yourself, first make yourself satisfied and then think the other’s opinions, but surely just the important ones. Because you can not do everything others expect you to do. You can not please everybody at the same time.

Whatever let’s get back to my daily life. As far as I said I had some busy weeks. And unfortunately, they were just the beginning of the tough weeks. Right now I am always like ‘’I will start a new week and this week will be different, I will do this, I will do that…’’. I hope you are not like me while you are planning. And this is your second lesson. Know yourself well. You may say ‘’Mom, how did we come this point? You were talking about something different.’’ But if you think you will understand me. If you know yourself well you can do your plans by knowing you will do them. For sure doing the plans that you prepared is more important than prepare a plan.

I guess two lessons are enough for now and in my opinion, they are the most important ones. This was a bit serious letter I know but… I could not find any excuse so yes, this is a serious letter and you need to read this. I hope you do the things I have just written.

Never forget that whatever happens between us I love you more than everything and my love is endless for you. You are the eighth color of my rainbow. And if this sentence sounds really creative to you I want you to know that I did not find this sentence by myself. One of my old friends told me that and I think that was quit good compliment. That is why I wanted to tell you. But you can be sure that I will find better compliments just for you. Because you are my daughter you are not me and if I am the eighth color so you need to be a different thing. You can say ‘’Then why did you tell this to me?’’ believe me I also don’t know and yes your mother is a crazy person. But I will find trust me. I guess I am lucky because I have at least twenty years to think…

A lot of kisses!!

Eight Color of the Rainbow

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