One day, I was sitting in the garden and drinking tea as usual. What could go wrong? While I was reading a newspaper, my eye caught a headline. I was about to read it when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, no one was there. I didn’t bother much and continued to read the newspaper. It was an article about the introduction of electrical circuits to homes in the twentieth century. They were even afraid to plug something into the socket.If I had lived in those times, I would have been afraid. There was no trust because it was a newly invented thing. People were afraid, they were right. With the introduction of electricity into our lives, many inventions were developed.I learned this from the newspaper. Even when you look next to you, you can see at least one electrical appliance. Electricity has changed people’s lives.Our phone is nothing without electricity. As a result, we use it everywhere.That is the importance of electricity.

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