Elixir Of Happiness

Lots of people in the world are discontented about their jobs. Today almost each person has some remorse, remaining from past actions.

interfere family ile ilgili görsel sonucu  Especially in the old times, elder people has a little bit strange mentality like making a decision on behalf of person’s life. And even today this is happening too. Feeling of support is definetely takes up  amazing space in person’s life. However we shouldn’t forget excessive interfere is as bad as it seems. So we can say first of all good or bad, the last decision should be made by the person.

If a humanbeing  loves doing sports, cooking, drawing, riding a horse even camping and if he really wants to make it a part of his/her life, they shouldn’t stop even just for a second. Because may be in the future they won’t have any chance to revise their job with another.

I would like to touch upon the money issue. Yes, money and other economic issues are really related with the job she/he has. Good jobs mean higher salary. This is the way how public thinks . Actually  we cannot say it is totally wrong but according to my opinion the money that you have earned does not give you a permenent happiness.feeling of belonging ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Actual happiness exists from relationships and feeling of belonging to anything. It can be a part of a family, a pet or it can be a memory from our unique sections. Other things like money, jobs, hobbies, passion are just a pawn in life. Rather than the shah it is so hard to achieve completely .I would like to remind that life is a chess and you are the spirit of the game. Your spirit feels relaxed and delighted when the pawns are moving in a good situation. But do not forget that shah puts the last point. Be part of the life, do not stay as an audiance. If you start to repair your soul or if you start with a sturdy ground it will provide you with adding the other objects rapidly. And objects will be suffering from the collapsing. You will find the actual happiness in these conditions.feeling of belonging ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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