Embrace Yourself

We are controlled by technology. The system is forcing us to do some particular movements in our lives. We are not free at all.

Almost every person around us has become a social media addict. Likes, followers, shout outs, comments are the things that people only care about nowadays. Do you really care about this stuff when there is a lot of crucial problems are going on in the world? Unlike most of my friends, I do not use social media to show off. People used to have private lives, but now there is no such thing. For example, there is no point in sharing the photo of the food you are eating. What is your purpose? Are you a gourmet? Unless you are one of them, it is just silly.

Beauty is very important among teenagers. Girls splash out money on cosmetics to adapt to beauty standards. They put on makeup on their face every day. Social media is manipulating people to look beautiful, have “perfect” bodies. Women feel uncomfortable about their bodies because of the fair of being criticized. Who has the right to judge you because of the way you look? Remove people and situations that do not serve you in some way for your mental health.

It is essential to have some personal space. Do not stick to social media. Live your life, enjoy every moment and to me, having fun and cherishing those beautiful time is more important than sharing with other people on social. Do not let social media capture your freedom.


Above all else, you should not show yourself like someone else you are not. Be the person on social, the one you are in real life. Changing the way you look should not change your behavior. Remember that having many followers does not mean anything in real life also, it does not show the number of people you associate with.

To sum up, be yourself and do not let social media get you in so deep. Try to make use of technology. Get in touch with your distant friends. Do not let people know much about your private life. Keep some things to yourself. Feel free to do what you want to do as long as it is not extraordinary. Embrace yourself and do not try to imitate someone. You are special the way you are. You are important and you should love yourself. Self-love is one of the most important things in life.

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