Before leaving the door, she looked at the chair she sat on. She saw a shadow so similar to herself sleeping on it. Emilia was absolutely shocked. Was she dreaming? No. She wasn’t. Then what was her problem?

Emilia was a really problematic kid in her youth. Her dad always bullied her because she wasn’t good enough in life. She was just 6. Can you imagine all of the trauma she had gone through? Her friends didn’t like her. Her family wasn’t supportive and there were many people telling her that she was ineffective. Emilia kept on trying her best but it was in vain. If she trusted herself, maybe there would be a little more progress but everyone she knew made her feel like someone making no contribution to the world. How can a person who make a little girl feel like this go to bed and sleep like nothing just happened? We, humans, can’t know what someone is feeling unless we emphasize. Now put yourself in Emilia’s place. Try to feel what she had felt during such a young age. That must feel really unpleasant. So please, choose your words wisely when you’re about to say something. I know it’s too classic, but think twice before you even say a word. Try to be that particular person and feel what you would actually perceive if you were that person being said those words.

The sleeping shadow Emilia saw right before she left the door was actually her when she was a young age. The sun hit in such a great angle that she could actually see a minimized version of herself. Although it sounds cool for us humans, she felt horrified and awful. Can you try emphasizing again? I guess now you know how major it is to emphasize and the actual importance to be that person for a second.

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