Since social media is what everyone spends most of their time on, regardless of young or old age, changes or innovations there directly affect our lives. Now that talking on the phone has started to replace texting, emojis take up an important place in our lives, even if we don’t realize it, because we use them frequently. However, the use of emoji drags smartphone users to disagreements on some issues. Are these emojis really enough to explain how I feel to the person we are messaging, or do they cause us to take it easy in expressing ourselves? 


There are those who think that people’s use of emoji in the easy way instead of expressing themselves in sentences 

and trying to use communication skills affects human relations badly, and they do not look very warmly to the use of emoji. There are also those who have the opposite opinion.


Another argument is that the use of emoji actually affects human relations positively. In my opinion, there is nothing serious about using emojis. Sometimes we can find what we cannot express with words among hundreds of color options and tell them in a single move, and this makes communication easier rather than difficult. I don’t think it’s okay to choose a fun and simple way of expressing yourself.


According to the most recent data in 2020, the rate of using emoji was calculated as 77 percent, based on a study conducted at a workplace. Also interesting is that using emoji increases the motivation and happiness of workers. In another survey, different results were obtained regarding the effects of emoji use on communication. phone users. 50 percent said they were more likely to reply to a message with emojis than to reply to plain text. On the other hand, 47 percent argued that emojis eliminate the need to talk on the phone or make a video call.


As a result, we can say that the benefits of emoji use outweigh the harms, so it positively affects communication between people. As statistics reveal, people think that they are more creative when using emojis and sending messages, which makes it easier for them to express themselves. We can have fun while talking to our loved ones with emojis that appear every day, and we can both show our sadness and express our surprise to them. We can say that emojis are the place where the whole world understands the common language, because it is a universal way of communication.


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