Encouraging Advertisements

Although it has been scientifically proven that junk food and fast food is deleterious for human
health, we see more junk food and fast food advertisements than healthy nutritions. Isn’t
encouraging to eat unhealthy food harmful for that community?

If we compare the prices of unhealthy nutritions, especially for those which consist a great amount
of carbohydrate and lipid, with the healthy ones, we can say that in order to increase the number of
sales manufacturers maintain the price range cheaper than healthy food. Moreover, the way that
manufacturers make advertisements for these unhealthy foods such as chocolate, candy,
hamburger, pizza etc. is designed to make people crave to buy and eat more. We all know that
consuming this much junk and fast food is harmful for our brain and also can cause some health
problems like increased risk of having cancer or heart attack. All of these brings the question of
“Why these companies are trying to make people buy such products, do they want them to be
unhealthy, less creative and live with a weakened memory”.

From my perspective, to live more healthily we create a diet plan that contains a balanced amount
of nutrients. To decrease the junk food and fast food consumption, government authorities can take
some actions like regulating advertisements. For instance, they can reduce the number of junk
food and fast food advertisements or having companies to provide information about their negative
effects on people.

To conclude, instead of banning unhealthy food advertisement, providing people a chance to make
an informed decision will be more effective in decreasing the consumption of such products.

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