Endless Road to Home

It was a nice Christmas day. The fireplace was burning. The smell of burning redwood was amazing. There were some cookies left on the table and the milk is half drunk. My mum wasn’t awake. I got sunned because of the sunshine which is coming from our beautiful window. I wish there was a present for me but my dad is coming back to the city today and I was really excited. I was hoping to see him today in front of our small house’s door. I was waiting for my dad till my mom got awake. She saw me and said “Oh good morning sweetie. I think you were waiting for your dad. Am I right?” to me. And I make a body move which means yes. She prepared me a nice breakfast which contained french toast, cereal, and a lot more. I had eaten all of them and prepared my bag for school, I was trying to be late for school. Normally I don’t want to skip the lessons but I was hoping my dad comes home. My mum was forcing me to go to school. I was fighting back with my mum not to go to school. In the end, she put me into the car and take the road to school.

On the road my mum understand why I am doing this and asked me “Were you waiting for your dad?” and I answered, “Yes I was, but now I think he is not going to come back home.”  She was a bit sad for me but I didn’t know. She said “Don’t give up hope because I talked to him when I got awake. He said he will be here at night there was so much traffic on the road.” I got a little bit happier than before because now I know he will come home. So I didn’t cause any problems for my mum and went to school.

The school was fun I played with my friends whom I love. The lessons ended, I was trying to find my mum. When I find her she was crying. I asked why and she said my dad has passed. At that moment I learned that I was trying not to cry. I learned that there were some roads that have no ends.

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